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 Vacancy:                 3067: Business Analyst Team Lead (Contract) - West Perth 




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Australian passport (preferred); or Australian Citizenship Certificate and photo identification; or Full Australian Birth Certificate and photo identification.

If NO, you are required to provide a copy of your passport and visa.

The originals must be sighted by the Divisional Recruitment Consultant.

By lodging this application, you are authorising the RAC to perform a work entitlement check with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.


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 Please give details of position held, business unit and dates of employment                          
 CONVICTIONS (Required)                                                                               
 A conviction is not necessarily a barrier to consideration for employment.

The RAC will conduct a Police Clearance check on successful candidates. You will be required to provide identification that adds up to 100 points (i.e. a driver's licence and a passport) Have you ever been convicted of any offence (in any court either within or outside Australia)? (Required) 1. Yes 2. No If Yes, what was the conviction and in what year was the conviction? Are you the subject of any charge pending before any court (either within or outside of Australia)? (Required) 1. Yes 2. No If yes, please provide details DISABILITY (Required) The RAC is an equal opportunity employer. An injury is NOT a barrier to the consideration of an application for employment.
To assess your placement in appropriate employment, please indicate whether you have/had any injury or other condition which may affect your work performance or which could re-occur as a result of the employment sought.

By virtue of the Workers' Compensation & Injury Management Act 1981, a workers' compensation claim may be disputed if you fail to disclose any previous work and/or non-work related injuries on your pre-employment form.
Do you have a medical condition or restriction, physical or otherwise, which may affect your ability to perform the essential requirements of the position (including any current or previous workers' compensation claim or involvement in any motor vehicle accident)? (Required) 1. Yes 2. No If yes please provide details DRIVER'S LICENCE Do you hold a current driver's licence that enables you to drive in WA? (Required) 1. Yes 2. No

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  • I understand that if I am successful in joining RAC should any statement on this form or attachments be found to be misleading, RAC may take action (including summary dismissal)
  • I understand that the RAC will conduct a National Police Clearance check if I am successful in obtaining a position
  • I understand that I may be required to undergo a pre-employment medical examination conducted by a medical practitioner nominated by the RAC

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